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The recipe for the limoncello of Sorrento

For the preparation of the characteristic lemon liqueur known as the "lemon", the essential ingredient is obviously the lemon, which must be of Sorrento, then the elliptical shape, size medium-large and rich in essential oils from the skin, very thick, wrinkled and yellow citrine.

The history of limoncello is crossed by many different legends and anecdotes, and the invention is disputed by Sorrento, Amalfi and Capri. The preparation of limoncello is easy but you have to practice it with meticulous care, and if well observed, in little more than a couple of months, this fragrant yellow liqueur aroma decided, can be eaten, most often as a digestive, but also on the sweet in a fruit salad.

700gr of sugar-1 kg of fresh lemon peel (50% unripe mature-50%) - 1 liter of alcohol (60 ° / 90 °) - 3 / 4 green leaves-1 liter of water


Wash the lemons in warm water and brush it to cleanse any residue. Peel with a potato peeler, remove to avoid even the white part of peel (which is bitter), put the peel on a cutting board and cut it into strips, then put them to soak for 24 hours with 1 liter of alcohol and leaves greens in a glass container (jar or pitcher) hermetically sealed in a cool, dark place.

Spend 24 hours, boil water and add sugar, stirring until its dissolution, at which point the syrup obtained leave to cool, then pour in the container with the bark infusion. Strain the whole, let cool and then place it in the bottle and store in freezer, and .... Good tasting.

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