Wine bar

If you like to be in company , have a drink and chatting away , then you have found the right place.
In Tavernetta Azzurra a quick drink and away is not our formula, it doesn’t work in that way. Book a table in our wine bar with your friends and enjoy your time without a hurry in the world. You relax and we think of the hospitality: you can enjoy delicious cocktails , local and non local wine. All selected by Sommelier Gennaro. You can, also , savour tasty pizzas with a choice of various kind of beers.


Rino's Cocktails

All the cocktails you can try with us!

Enjoy your time Book a table


Our specialities


Grilled squids

A good quality of grilled squids.


Crab ravioli

Stuffed ravioli with granseola in shrimp paste with rocket salad, flakes and seeds of wild fennel.


Grilled octopus

Grilled octopus glazed with balsamic vinegar on bed of crusty bread with salsa verde, garlic, olive oil and vinegar.


Seafood starter platter

Seafood mixed platter with octopus, marinated anchovies, marinated salmon, octopus salad , prawn cocktail and smoked tuna – sword fish.