A corner of Goodness

A mouth-watering lunch or dinner in an enchanted view of the sea, what else you need for your relaxing time in Sorrento?

A long family's tale

Taverna Azzura is an adventure started more than 80 years ago, the journey has been full of dreams and conquests, love for the homeland, tradition and passion for the Mediterranean Cuisine.
An unfinished tale where the dream is still going on. Everything started in 1930 with Great-grandmother Teresa; she opened her tavern’s door to welcome local fishermen after a long day at sea. In the beginning it was only served cheese and wine, the cheese was an homemade product from her estate. The rest developed with Maria , sister of Grandfather Gennaro, one of the first fishermen to have a motor- boat.
Maria started to cook delicious dishes with the catch of the day. Maria’s son Salvatore, growing up in that environment, started to love the cooking, but he wanted to travel and discover the world. He end up in England where he opened a restaurant with combined Mediterranean and French Cuisine. After 20 long years he returned to Italy with Margaret, the love of his life. An important ally whom helped to carry on with the Family activity in the Restaurant. So for in 1980 the simple Tavern developed to an exclusive Restaurant appreciate by locals and others.

Taverna Azzurra was born.

Nowadays the Restaurant’s legacy continues with the help of Salvatore and Margret’s children : Gennaro front of the House , Luciano the Chef.
They have the same the same love for food as the parents.

Everyone is welcomed at Taverna Azzurra


Our Cuisine from 1930

Simple recipes prepared with old style manner.

Our dishes are a product of our love for tradition.

Genuine and simple dishes that give the palate a unique and sensorial experience.
Some examples?
Luciano’s stuffed ravioli with granseola in shrimp sauce ,rocket salad, flakes and seeds of wild fennel , grilled octopus with balsamic glaze on a bed of crusty bread in salsa verde , garlic, olive oil and vinegar , also the inevitable Mixed fried fish .
For the sweet- tooth , the delicious homemade cakes.


Wine bar

Wine room
tappi sughero

Pleasure of being together

The world is always in a hurry, it is nice to have quality time chatting with friends and enjoying a good quality glass of wine.
And it is just for the pleasure of being together that we have opened our wine bar in Sorrento.

Ready to enjoy your own time?


Our specialities


Grilled squids

A good quality of grilled squids.


Crab ravioli

Stuffed ravioli with granseola in shrimp paste with rocket salad, flakes and seeds of wild fennel.


Grilled octopus

Grilled octopus glazed with balsamic vinegar on bed of crusty bread with salsa verde, garlic, olive oil and vinegar.


Seafood starter platter

Seafood mixed platter with octopus, marinated anchovies, marinated salmon, octopus salad , prawn cocktail and smoked tuna – sword fish.


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